#23: From Calorie Counting to Counseling with Mallory Gothelf

Mallory joins me today to discuss how she went from sitting in a group trying to overcome her anxiety and self-worth challenges to speaking to that exact same group just a little while later. Now meet Mallory:

Mallory Gothelf is a writer, speaker, and passionate mental health advocate. Deciding to put purpose to her illness, she has taken to stepping out of the shadows of her disease, and into the proverbial light, to bring a face of hope to those still in the throes of this battle.”

Visit Mallory’s Website: The Infinite Project

Key Takeaway

Your mental illnesses like to talk to you. And what they say is awful and only brings you down. So to combat this, every time you look in a mirror, say out loud how amazing and beautiful you are! The more you do this, the easier it will be for your brain to think positively instead of negatively.


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About the Author:

I'm Luke, and following my own tragic story of teen depression and attempted suicide, it's now my mission to empower other teens to recognize, overcome, and be unashamed of their mental health challenges. Will you join my movement to save even one precious life? I'm unashamed.

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