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The Impact

dana moen

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has 51 archdiocesan, parish, and private high schools in its three counties. Luke gave an excellent presentation at our high school principals’ winter meeting in January 2017. He has conducted student assemblies at several Catholic high schools and at a large high school Confirmation program in a parish in the Archdiocese. He has conducted assemblies in other dioceses and in public schools as well.

I was present for two of his presentations. Luke does an excellent job of presenting information regarding clinical depression, teen suicide, self-acceptance, pornography, and other issues to high school age students in a very accessible and compelling manner. His sharing of his personal experience brings the student audience into the presentation in an age-appropriate way. He had the full attention of a large audience of teens.

I highly recommend Luke’s assembly program for your consideration.

~Msgr. Sabato Pilato, Superintendent of High Schools
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

dana moen

“This was the most important assembly of the year! Luke Maxwell shares his story of depression, attempted suicide, forgiveness, and healing to bring hope and next steps to struggling teens and their parents.”

~Dana Moen, Principal
Classical Academy High School

C.M 12th grade

“When I first heard Luke’s story I was dealing with depression and self-harm at the time. I had no idea what I was going through until it came to my attention that I had been suffering from undiagnosed depression for a couple years. It was then that I realized I wasn’t alone in this battle with the mental disease, and I wanted out. Inspiring me through his words of encouragement through his blog and Facebook posts, I started my recovery, and I am proud to say I am six months in my recovery. When he came and spoke to our school, I was astounded by his testimony and his knowledge on the topic of depression and suicidal issues. He not only was a survivor of one of the biggest issues hurting teenagers, but he is a source of hope for those who need it in their most vulnerable times. I am grateful that Luke has chosen a path to inspire others and bring hope to teens, breaking the stigma of depression in our families, friends, and schools.”

~C.M. 12th grade
Kym Szalkiewicz

“It is with sincere gratitude that I wholeheartedly recommend Luke Maxwell and his series of talks to parents and students. Luke spoke at our school, Carlsbad High School. It was with great apprehension the administration and district office felt when I first approached them a year before Luke actually came to speak.

Unfortunately, Carlsbad High has had 4 suicides in the past 4 years and these were both devastating to the students and staff and the fallout was difficult. As a parent who has been in the school system volunteering for the past 12 years, I felt it was extremely important that we tackle this subject head on. I have had to sit my two children down on five separate occasions to tell them that a classmate or a friend had taken their own life, something I don’t wish on any parent.

I completely understood the school’s fear towards bringing this to the students, they were very concerned we were going to open a can of worms and we would not have the necessary emotional support for the students. I pushed both our Superintendent and Principal hard to bring a speaker to the kids. In the meantime during my search to find an appropriate speaker, Carlsbad Unified hired a new superintendent and a new principal at CHS whose feelings were very different than the previous administration and were both very supportive. I went and listened to several speakers until I came across Luke through my husband. Not only did Luke captivate the entire 2000 students he spoke to, his impact was so great, he saved a life by touching a Senior who was in crisis and encouraged the student to go home and talk to the parents. The student shared they had planned to commit suicide the week of graduation due to academic stress, low self-esteem, and body image, among other issues.

Had Luke not reached that student and several others, our graduation and all of the festivities would have been marked by tragedy yet again. I am so appreciative to Luke for sharing his story. He took the time to listen and speak to any student who needed to talk and to make the students feel they are not alone dealing with so many of the issues that teenagers deal with today. It is the best money any school or PTA can spend. It is an important message for both students and parents.
I HIGHLY recommend that you bring Luke to your school. It could save a precious life!”

~Kym Szalkiewicz, President
Carlsbad High School PTSA

Kent Peters

“The only way it can accurately be expressed is that Luke is truly blessed and on a mission ordained to help young people seek and find mental health wellness. I have had Luke present at several events with varying venues, and he has had a profound impact on his audiences each time. I can unhesitatingly recommend that you invite Luke to speak to your constituency. You won’t be disappointed.”

~Kent Peters, Director
Office for Social Ministry
Diocese of San Diego

Hedgie, Age 16, 11th grade

“I really loved how Luke covered all different parts of the message. He spoke thoroughly so that any possible questions that were on my mind were answered and it was still engaging and so powerful. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your story and mission. I’m sure you’ve already saved many lives.”

~Hedgie, Age 16, 11th grade

“Thank you for being a role model and offering a listening ear to our Saintsmen and to others across the nation. It’s great to know our students continue to connect with you over social media/email. Your talk continues to spark a lot of positive classroom discussions.”

~Julia Mekrut, Counselor
St. Augustine High School

Deacon Jim Walsh

“Luke Maxwell is my hero. From his first visit on our radio talk show, Setting Things Right, Luke impressed me as a sincere, candid, and humble human who experienced more trauma, hidden pain, and transformation in 18 years than many people experience in a lifetime. Luke captivated my imagination and my respect. He is my hero because he is selfless in wanting to warn, educate, and prevent others from going through similar experiences of depression, isolation, pain, and bad choices masquerading as solutions. Luke is committed to erasing the stigma attached to openly discussing depression and suicide.”

~Deacon Jim Walsh
Diocese of San Diego