The Stigma is Killing Us with Erez Shek

I’m joined by Erez Shek today to discuss his experience with bipolar disorder and how he’s now turning his bad experiences around to reach out to other experiencing mental health challenges. We also made the decision to shatter the stigma of bipolar that he’s fought for his whole life. Now meet Erez:

Erez Shek was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1999 and ever since has been on his own rocky journey to find the truest of acceptance that means living with a mental illness, not being one.

After surviving a suicide attempt in September 2016, Erez decided he would do whatever he could do to inspire that living with a Mental Illness is possible and to educate that Mental Health is something every single person should be aware of. It’s not just for people living with a mental illness. Teaching those who do not live with (or affected by) a mental illness about what they are, and that we are still individuals with the hope people understand that none of us are textbook definitions.

Erez created The Shek Check on YouTube to create videos that take a comedic (and sometimes musical) approach to addressing mental health awareness and educating on mental illness as he continues his journey while working on his first memoir.


Erez’s website

The “Shek Check” on YouTube

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About the Author:

I'm Luke, and following my own tragic story of teen depression and attempted suicide, it's now my mission to empower other teens to recognize, overcome, and be unashamed of their mental health challenges. Will you join my movement to save even one precious life? I'm unashamed.