Surround Yourself with Beauty

I’ve been thinking about beauty a lot recently. I like being around beautiful things. I try to have flowers on my desk as much as possible, I like things clean and orderly, and only surround myself with people who are honest and motivated to accomplish their visions for their lives. This got me thinking more. What if everyone should surround themselves with what’s beautiful to them? After looking back to all the people I’ve supported and talked to, the answer was a wholehearted yes.

So this is what I challenge you to do to improve your life. Think about what you find beautiful in life and surround yourself with those things. And by beauty, I don’t mean pretty. Here’s an example of that.

When a teenager talks to me about their deepest darkest problems and asks for help, I find that beautiful. Because this is what’s happening. Somebody was so moved and inspired by what I said that they want to make a difference in their life. You have here a person who wants to do their best to make themselves a better person and in doing so, impact those around them. I don’t know about you, but I find that absolutely beautiful. This is one more reason why I do what I do.


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About the Author:

I'm Luke, and following my own tragic story of teen depression and attempted suicide, it's now my mission to empower other teens to recognize, overcome, and be unashamed of their mental health challenges. Will you join my movement to save even one precious life? I'm unashamed.