December 2017

The Stigma is Killing Us with Erez Shek

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I'm joined by Erez Shek today to discuss his experience with bipolar disorder and how he's now turning his bad experiences around to reach out to other experiencing mental health challenges. We also made the decision to shatter the stigma of bipolar that he's fought for his whole life. Now meet Erez: Erez Shek was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1999 and ever since has been on his own rocky journey to find the truest of acceptance that means living with a mental illness, not being one. After surviving a suicide attempt in September 2016, Erez decided he would do whatever he could do to inspire that living with a Mental Illness is possible and to educate that Mental Health is something every single person should be aware of. It's not just for people living with a mental illness. Teaching those who do not live with (or affected by) a mental illness about what they are, and that we are still individuals with the hope people understand that none of us are textbook definitions. Erez created The Shek Check on YouTube to create videos that take a comedic (and sometimes musical) approach to addressing mental health awareness and educating on mental illness as he continues his journey while working on his first memoir. RESOURCES WE DISCUSSED Erez's website The "Shek Check" on YouTube

October 2017

Dispelling the Myths of Schizophrenia from a Sibling’s Perspective with Shannon Jaccard

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Former CEO of NAMI San Diego and current Co-Founder of Ballast Health, Shannon Jaccard, joins me to discuss her journey to running the largest branch of NAMI in the nation. We talk about what Skitzophrenia really is and how her new venture will save lives. Now meet Shannon: Shannon Jaccard is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Ballast Health, an organization dedicated to creating stability in turbulence. She is the recent past CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Diego. Shannon serves on several boards including RI International and the Meeting Place Clubhouse in San Diego County. Shannon has received numerous awards such as; the Rona and Ken Purdy Award to End Discrimination and the Channel 10 News Leadership Award. She was named one of San Diego’s “50 People to Watch” by San Diego Magazine. She earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, San Diego, and her Master’s of Business Administration from California State University, San Marcos. Above all, she is the sister of someone with a mental health challenge. Shannon is a Fellow of the inaugural class of the Health Innovators Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Subscribe!

Let’s Get Some Organization into Our Lives

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There's a lot of stress out there, whether it be at school, work, or anywhere else. You have a lot of things to do, but they don't always get done. This can lead to more stress, which leads to less productivity, which leads to more stress. And this awful cycle will only get worse if you don't take a stand to stop it today. In this podcast episode, we dive deep into concrete strategies to organize your life.

4 Steps to Relieving Anxiety with Erica Arvanitis

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Erica Arvanitis from Anxiety Erica joins me today to discuss anxiety, therapy, ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and what to do about them. Now meet Erica: A copywriter by day, Erica spends all her free time writing. Living in San Diego with her 11-year-old Chow mix Gussie, she was diagnosed with GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder – about a year and a half ago. When she's not attending therapy, she finds so much value in writing about her journey with mental health. On a mission to unite all the magnificent, magical souls suffering from mental illness, she truly hopes that everyone leaves her blog – Anxiety Erica – feeling just a little less alone. The more we talk about mental illness, the less stigma there is surrounding anxiety and mental health. LINKS DISCUSSED Erica's website: Erica's Instagram: @anxietyerica  

Stress: Let’s Finally Do Something About It

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Nobody likes stress. Nobody wants it. Then why is it that so few are actively reducing the stress in their life? In my latest podcast session, I look at some common stressors and what to do about them. HIGHLIGHT: "Everyone knows that stress can have serious negative mental and physical effects, but most don't know how bad the physical effects can be. Stress is a survival technique to help humans fight danger or escape it. This happens through fats and sugars being released into our bloodstream to give us more energy. But what if you're sitting at a desk or in traffic while you're stressed? Those fats and sugars won't be used and instead lead to problems such as heart disease." Subscribe!

An Almost Unknown Mental Illness with Millie French

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Millie joins me on the PSYC 101 podcast all the way from Australia to discuss her challenges with depression, anxiety, and depersonalization/derealization (dp/dr). We talk about her struggles and dive deep into what it's like to experience dp/dr, conditions which I wasn't even aware of until recently, so anyone struggling with them can find recognize and work to overcome them. Now meet Millie: "My name is Millie and I’m a mental health blogger. I created my own blog called Love and Flourish inspired from my own experience with mental illness. I write about my experience with anxiety, depression and depersonalization/derealization, things I’ve learned and tips to stay positive and motivated. I hope what I share can help others who are struggling with their mental health and inspires others to live a happy life." Links mentioned: Millie's blog Millie's Instagram Paul David's book "At Last a Life" Subscribe!

September 2017

A Not-So-Great History of Psychology

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Let's take a walk down memory lane and look at where we were in mental health and where we are now. Part of my mission is to create perspective so we can see how great our lives really are compared to those in the past. In this episode, I discuss weird practices we had thousands of years ago for treating mental illnesses, different perspectives on what causes mental illness, and our modern understanding of mental health. Subscribe!

What’s Your Coping Mechanism & How Do You Overcome It?

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We all cope with the bad stuff in our lives in different ways. But there are many unhealthy ways of coping that separate us from the problem rather than dealing with it. So, here's a list of the main ways you can cope by avoiding the pain. Denial This is pretty simple and straightforward. You deny that the trauma or experience ever happened, or you refuse to admit that you have a problem. We see this all the time in relationships where one partner will reject any suggestion or thought that the other partner is abusive or a bad influence. Overcome this with medication and therapy to help you see reality clearly, and by completely trusting one person close to you to always tell you the truth. Repression Now, I'm very familiar with this one because this happens to be my coping method of choice. This is where you push down your painful memories and essentially forget them. They're still there of course, but they're buried deep within your subconscious. With severe trauma though, there is a potential to induce amnesia and wipe the experience from your memory. The main I've started to combat this is to take time to meditate on my past, present, and future. This helps me deal with all the stuff of my life without being overwhelmed by it. Also, by being unashamed and telling my story, I'm turning my past into something good. Rationalization This one is pretty self-explanatory. You cope with pain and difficult situations by making up some kind of explanation for events or actions (again, usually with partners in an unhealthy relationship). Now, this isn't seeing the positive side of life, but rather lying to yourself about reality you need to confront. Overcome this one by listening to the advice from people around you and therapy. Projection We've all done this. You're having a bad day, but you convince yourself everyone else is in a bad mood to make yourself feel better. This is especially damaging because it causes you to treat others badly when you're the one who's in the wrong. Overcome this one by doing a thorough examination of yourself and others to realize that you're actually the one in the bad mood. Be real with yourelf. I know it's scary, and it's easier to just blame others, but that's not how you're going to find happiness and success in life. Reaction formation This really isn't too common, but it's simply when you take the opposite stance on some issue or belief in public than you do in private. Usually, this happens because you're trying to convince yourself of something by living it, but it doesn't work that way. Overcome this by being honest with yourself about who you are and what you believe. Then stick to that no matter what. Displacement This is one of the most common and dangerous of unhealthy coping mechanisms. My psychology professor referred to this as the kick-the-dog coping method. The scenario [...]

How to Build Your Personal Confidence with Devin Tracy

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A personal marketing coach, author of The Personal Marketing Booklet, and a good friend of mine, Devin talks about body language (which he demonstrates on me), the four areas of confidence, and we discuss the best mindset to have while you're walking. Now meet Devin: "Growing up, I had a bad speech impediment, and as a result, I had to take special education courses throughout my school years. These experiences made me uncomfortable in social settings and made it difficult for me to connect with my peers. Compounding the issue, I also had social anxieties and suffer from panic attacks, passed down to me through my family. I knew I had a choice: I could either use these issues as a crutch to justify my shyness, or I could kill the crutch and turn my disadvantage into my greatest asset. Not one to quit, I now act as a guide, helping others kill their crutches as well." Learn more about Devin, connect with him, and sign up for his free courses at Subscribe!

Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity with Your Location

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A question I get asked pretty often is how I stay mentally healthy during the stress of traveling. And seeing as I was just in Santa Fe to speak to a group of teens, I took that opportunity to finally explain what I do while traveling to keep my mood balanced. I also decided to cover the science of using location to improve productivity...because why not? ;) If you have a topic you'd like me to cover in my podcast, comment below to let me know. I also shot a vlog of my trip! You can watch it here. Subscribe!